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“Role and influence of Mappila Riots in the current socio-politico-economic deviations in Malabar.”

23rd & 24th May 2020
Nalanda Auditorium, Kozhikode


The year 2021 marks the centenary of Mappila Riots which occurred at Eranad – Valluvanad Taluks as a part of the Khilafat Movement in 1921. Ahead of the centenary, Kesari Weekly (owned by Hindustan Prakashan Trust), Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) and Mythic Society Bangalore are jointly conducting a National Seminar on the 23 & 24 May 2020 at Nalanda Auditorium, Kozhikode.

The inaugural function of seminar entitled with the main theme “Role and influence of Mappila Riots in the current socio-politico-economic deviations in Malabar” will begin at 10 am on 23 May 2020. Many eminent scholars and historians will present their papers in this seminar. We cordially invite you to participate in this historic event and make it a grand success.

Dr. N. R. Madhu
Seminar Convenor

Dr. M. K. Valsan
Chairman, Organizing Committee

A. Vinod
General Convenor, Organizing Committee

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Organized by
Kesari Weekly (Hindustan Prakashan Trust)
in association with
Indian Council of Historical Research
Mythic Society Bangalore

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9744294940, 9539009979

A brief Note on Mappila Riots

Mappila riots are a series of riots by the Mappilas i.e. Muslims in Malabar region of Kerala against the Hindus in 1921. Mappilas did many atrocities against the Hindus of Malabar. So many Hindus were killed and many got forcibly converted to Islam. Several Hindu families have driven away from their homeland. The outbreaks created by the Mappilas were later misinterpreted as a part of the Indian Independence Movement against the British. Khilafat movement of the global Muslims was the main source of inspiration for the riots.

Even though riots aimed to establish religious supremacy and power in the region, the communist historians and communal forces portray this as a freedom movement hiding the truth behind it. The Mappila riots caused serious socio-politico-economic deviations in Malabar. These riots are the major reasons for the existing communal polarization in Malabar. The seminar aims at discussing the various socio-politico-economic aspects of the Mappila riots in the current scenario. The historic and social deviations along with other important aspects are also discussed.

Programme Schedule

Inaugural Session: 10.00 am – 11.30 am

  • Welcome speech: Shabu Prasad (Joint Convenor, National Seminar)
  • Presidential Address: Dr. Omjee Upadhyaya (Director, Research and Administration, ICHR)
  • Lighting the Lamp: Dr. M. G. S. Narayanan (Former Chairman, ICHR)
  • Inaugural Speech: Prof. Heeraman Tiwari (Professor, Center for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)
  • Keynote Address: J. Nandakumar (National Coordinator, Prajna Pravah)
  • Speech: Dr. M. G. S. Narayanan (Former Chairman, ICHR)
  • Speech: Dr. K. S. Radhakrishnan (Former Vice-Chancellor, Sree Sankara University of Sanskrit, Kalady)
  • Vote of Thanks: Adv. P. K. Sreekumar (Managing Trustee, Hindustan Prakashan Trust)

11.30 am – 12 noon: Tea Break

Session 1: 12 noon – 1.00 pm

  • Chair: A. Vinod
  • The Communist distortion of history to glorify the Mappila Riots – Ramachandran
  • Role of the Khilafat Movement in promoting communal polarisation in Malabar – Dr. K. S. Radhakrishnan

1 pm – 2.30 pm: Lunch Break

Session 2: 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm

  • Chair: Vivekananda Pai
  • Economic stagnation in Malabar: From the period of Mysorean Invasion to the Mappila Riots – Dr. C. V. Jayamani
  • Deviations caused by the Mappila Riots in the agricultural and business sectors in Malabar – Dr. A. Dhiraj

3.30 pm – 4 pm: Tea Break

Session 3: 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm

  • Chair: M. Balakrishnan
  • The effect of the Mappila Riots on the religious demography in Malabar – Dr. K. Jayaprasad
  • Role of Mappila Riots in promoting political and social deviations in Malabar – G. K. Sureshbabu

Session 4: 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm

  • Chair: Dr. T. P. Shankarankutty Nair
  • Mappila riots and Pan Islamism – J. Nandakumar
  • Reminiscences about the Mappila Riots – K. R. Indira

6pm onwards: Poetic drama adaaptation from “Duravastha” of Kumaranashan, written by Dr. Madhu Meenachil, directed by Kalamandalam Dhanusha and performance by students from Vedavyasa Vidyalayam, Calicut.

Session 5: 10.00 am – 11.00 am

  • Chair: Dr. K. M. Priyadarsan Lal
    • Role of the Khilafat Movement in destroying the values of the Indian Independence Movement – Dr. K. N. Madhusoodanan Pillai
  • Attempts to whitewash the Mappila Riots through art & literature – Dr. Sreesylam Unnikrishnan

11.00 am : Tea Break

Session 6: 11.30 am – 12.30 pm

  • Chair: V. Nagaraj (Hon. Secretary, Mythic Society, Bangalore)
  • Divergent historical interpretations of the Mappila Riots – Dr. E. Balakrishnan
  • The consequences of the Mappila Riots on the traditional landlords and their landholdings – Tirur Dinesh

12.30 pm – 2.00 pm : Lunch Break

2.00 pm : Valedictory Function

  • Welcome Speech : Adv. V. G. Mohankumar (Unit Secretary,Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram, Kozhikode)
  • Presidential Address : Dr. N. R. Madhu (Chief Editor, Kesari Weekly and Convenor of National Seminar)
  • Chief Guest : Dr. C. V. Ananda Bose IAS (Principal Advisor, Hertiage Project, Govt of India)
  • Keynote Address : Prof. Hameed Chendamangaloor (Social and Cultural Critic)
  • Speech : Dr. M. Kotresh ( Proffessor and Chairman, Dept of History and Archaeology, Tumkur University, National Secretary Bharatiya Itihasa Sankalan Yojana)
  • Speech : T. G. Mohandas (Social and Cultural Critic)
  • Vote of Thanks : Dr. Deepesh V. K.

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